Our Initial Evaluation Begins With a Pre-Admission Screening. We gather information from every aspect of the patient’s life including from family members, to get a holistic view so we can treat patients as successfully as possible. Depending on individual needs, we adapt treatment plans to suit the patient. We do not expect patients to adapt to suit our treatment plans.

Most people begin with either a phone or Skype evaluation. However, you may request a face-to-face evaluation if you are in the greater Colton area.

We Ask Questions Regarding:

  • Family substance abuse history
  • Mental health issues
  • Family life
  • Medical history
  • Trauma

Planning Treatment

Once you enter treatment, you will be assigned your own personal treatment team who will design your treatment plan.

You will be assigned:

  • An addiction therapist
  • A psychologist and/or psychiatrist as deemed necessary
  • Addiction medication specialist
  • A health and wellness expert
  • A spiritual care representative (if desired)
  • A nutritionist

We believe in holistic care and many different components may be part of your care. Thus, we cannot offer a one size fits all treatment plan, but we can list some of the options that we offer.

  • Detox services (if needed)
  • Specialty support groups
  • Therapy is a core component of all treatment plans—individual, group, and family
  • Other psychological services are available as well, especially for our patients dealing with mental health disorders.
  • Yoga and other distressing techniques
  • Fitness and recreational activities
  • Group activities such as group hikes
  • Spiritual health activities
  • Goal planning sessions with your therapist

Each resident will keep a journal documenting their experience at Colton. This will also serve as a useful “before” and “after” picture—it is amazing to see the progress patients make from the day they arrive on the day they leave.

There will supervised visits with family members and friends to help patients and their families come up with realistic expectations and goals for life after Missoula. Involving their loved ones helps patients realize their actions have consequences and also gives them concrete motivation to work towards their goals. Every part of treatment is designed to help patients make the most of their time at Missoula and become able to handle whatever life sends their way without being tempted to relapse. The treatment that we offer gives patients the tools they need to succeed and live their lives free and sober.