We are Colton  Addiction Treatment Center, a small, patient-centric treatment center in sunny, big sky California. We believe treatment, and thus, recovery is within reach for you. Maybe you have cycled through rehabilitation before, perhaps even multiple times. For us there is no such thing as a lost cause, we treat every patient as an individual and look at treatment holistically.

We will give you the tools you need not just to treat your addiction, but to avoid relapse and to look for underlying factors that may have led you to seek substance abuse. We have a proven success rate because we treat those factors instead of just focusing on surface issues. At Colton, our medical expertise paired with the breathtaking natural beauty of Colton has a unique power that you will not find anywhere else in the US—and perhaps even the world. Your time as a patient here will not just give you a fresh start; it will provide you with the tools you need to ensure you never again return to any rehabilitation center. In only 90 days, we give you your life back, free of addiction. Contact us today to learn how.