We Provide A Network Of Support. Once you graduate from our program, you are a member of the “Colton Family” (as we call ourselves) for life. You can call our 24/7 helpline whenever you need our support. We consider it our privilege to help you in your journey towards a life of sobriety. There is an online community for peer support. We will pair you with a sober sponsor who will be your mentor throughout your reintroduction to your normal life after your stay in rehabilitation.

Our Success Rate Is 80% 12 months after your stay at Colton. The national average is 30%, so we believe our numbers speak for themselves. How do we achieve those spectacular numbers? Through a combination of therapy, group support, family conflict resolution, and goal setting.

The Successful Completion Guarantee. If you complete your full stay with us and then relapse, you can return for another visit, free of charge, regardless of how long it has been since your initial stay. Setbacks do not happen often, but we believe so vehemently in our treatment and our patient wellness that we stand behind our treatment even if it has been years since your stay.